150,000 people dying each year as a result of climate change

Climate Action the organiser of the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2014 has published a fascinating infographic about climate change.

Did you know?

– 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide were added to atmosphere between 1750 and 2011;

– Land and oceans warmed by 0.85 °C between 1880 and 2012, also oceans have risen by 19cm between 1901 and 2010;

– Much of the carbon dioxide that we’ve emitted will remain in the atmosphere longer than 1,000 years.

The infographic has been inspired by the 5th annual Sustainable Innovation Forum organised in partnership with UNEP alongside UNFCCC COP20. The forum brings together world leaders, CEOs, senior executives, national, regional and city leaders, investors and industry experts to share ideas and accelerate innovative solutions to address climate change, accelerate green growth and sustainable development.

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