Biograce project extends its GHG calculation tool to gaseous and solid biomass


The BioGrace project has been granted another 3-year-period by Intelligent Energy Europe. In the project BioGrace I which run from 2010 to 2012, a greenhouse gas calculation tool was developed for liquid biofuels. BioGrace-II aims at harmonising GHG calculations for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass.

A single tool will cover all kinds of bioenergy on the European market: gaseous, liquid and solid.

The approach will be based on the recommendations contained in the report published in 2011 by the European Commission on sustainability requirements for gaseous and solid biomass sources  [COM/2010/11] and the follow-up of that report that is expected in 2013.

A consortium of seven European state agencies and research organisations is going to:

  • Produce an Excel-based GHG calculation tool for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass
  •  Support policy makers in EU member states to follow a harmonised approach
  •  Use feedback from companies to improve the tool
  •  Train the trainers of verification systems on bioenergy GHG calculations.

Draft of the Excel GHG calculation tool for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass

Last October, the drafts of the Excel tool and the methodological background document have been presented and discussed at an expert workshop in Heidelberg, Germany. Feedback sessions for companies will start next January. Economic operators are invited to put the tool to a reality check before the first version will be launched in spring 2013.

Visit Biograce website or contact for more information.

This post was written by Nikolaus Ludwiczek, BIOENERGY 2020+


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