Biowaste to biogas booklet

A lot of organic waste and by-products generated from agriculture and municipalities can cause soil and water degredation and inturn effect the climate. Therefore, an efficient way of utilising this waste would be through anaerobic digestion.At a large scale, it can benefit the economy via the production of sustainable products.

An exhaustive source of information detailing the anaerobic digestion process, its technological aspects , necessary safety measures and the expected results are published in a booklet authored by the German Biogas Association along with the European Biogas Association. The topic of waste digestion is discussed from the global perspective keeping in account the common challenges faced. As a reference, set of state of art plants operating in four continents is discussed in detail. A ready to use, up-to-date company directory with different types of plants are published.


The booklet can be accessed free of charge here.

Text by European Biogas Association

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