INEOS Bio announces commercial scale production of cellulosic ethanol

On July 31st INEOS Bio announced  that its plant at Indian River BioEnergy Center is now producing cellulosic ethanol at commercial scale, at the same time exporting renewable power to the local community.  First ethanol shipments will be released in August.

This is the first commercial-scale production in the world using INEOS Bio’s breakthrough gasification and fermentation technology for conversion of biomass waste into bioethanol and renewable power.


The BioEnergy Center is a joint venture project between INEOS Bio and New Planet Energy.  The facility has already converted several types of waste biomass material into bioethanol, including vegetative and yard waste, and citrus, oak, pine, and pallet wood waste. It will have an annual output of eight million gallons (24kta) of cellulosic ethanol and six megawatts (gross) of renewable power. The Center is also permitted to utilize municipal solid waste (MSW), quantities of which will be used for bioethanol production at the Center during 2014.


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