Nine success stories of innovative biogas applications

The European Biogas Association EBA has published a series of success stories about the practical implementation of advanced technological improvements in biogas installations in Europe and worldwide. Written in collaboration with EBA’s members, these case studies  provide a reference to understand how the biogas industry is developing effective solutions to adapt to new challenges such as  process optimisation, energy efficiency, diversification of feedstock and improved sustainability.



  1. Smooth and cost-effective hydrolysis of biogas feedstock – Germany
  2. Increased energy-saving in substrate mixing – Japan
  3.  Waste heat recovery with an organic rankine cycle CHP engine – Germany
  4. Maximization of energy efficiency through micro gas grids and decentralized power production – Czech Republic
  5. Flexible and demand-oriented power production – Germany
  6. Feedstock optimization and diversification by use of innovative enzymes – Germany
  7. The first dry fermentation  digester in U.S. – USA
  8.  Food waste to energy in England – UK
  9.  First biogas plant in Serbia – Serbia


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