21st EUBC&E Scientific and Political Opening

Biomass offers opportunities for replacing fossil fuels and for reducing CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change. However biomass is also the raw material for the bio-based economy, offering the prospect of economic growth and reindustrialization of the rural areas. Key innovations on technologies and solutions under development cannot omit socio-environmental sustainability implications. While biomass use increases, it seems to fuel a never-ending discussion of the pros and cons of this use.

This year at the 21st EUBC&E the Scientific Opening  on Monday, 3 June at 8.30 a.m. will feature a keynote speech and 3 visionary presentations on industrial demonstration and business concepts, which will demonstrate the versatility of biomass as multi-purpose resource for energy and the emerging bioeconomy.

The following political opening  will bring a 360 degree perspective of biomass in today’s world. Leaders from the worlds of politics, science and business will share their views on the applications of biomass, from combustion for heat and power over liquid biofuels and to biobased materials.
Learn how political priorities are turned into policies, how science offers us new applications and how companies see business opportunities in a policy-driven environment.

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