BE-Sustainable is a source of news, information and resources on biomass, bioenergy and the bioeconomy, as well as it is the official magazine of the EUBCE.

The acknowledged importance of bioenergy in the current and future energy scenario as well as the emerging role of the  bio-based economy, are fuelling a global and lively debate on the challenges and the opportunities offered by the use of biomass resources for the transition to a low carbon economy. This site is an effort to contribute to this debate by bringing as much science and fact-based content to a wide audience of readers inside and outside the biomass community, as well as to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge in the interest of progress and development of a sustainable biomass sector.

BE-Sustainable is published by ETA-Florence Renewable Energies.

Editor: Maurizio Cocchi – editorial@besustainablemagazine.com  twitter: @maurizio_cocchi

Managing director and co-editor: Angela Grassi

Photographer: Guglielmo de’ Micheli

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