BE-Sustainable Magazine July 2020 is out now

cover-BE-Sustainable-issue-11-july-2020In this issue

Biomass and the bioeconomy in the next CAP

Sustainable forestry and harvesting operations

Biomass and bioeconomy in France

Sustainable Aviation Fuel: 2020 is take-off year in France

Reaching carbon neutrality by 2050

The status of advanced biofuels plants in Europe

The Role of ETIP Bioenergy in Promoting Advanced Bioenergy Research, Innovation and Market Deployment in the EU

Delivering Cost-Competitive and Efficient Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy in Europe

Hydrothermal liquefaction for sewage sludge valorization

Renewable marine fuels

Sorption-Enhanced processes for bio-DME synthesis

Biobridges project: a way to market

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