4,000 tons of torrefied wood pellets shipped to Europe

New Biomass Energy LLC announced its third transatlantic bulk shipment of torrefied wood pellets to Europe to be used as fuel in coal-fired power plants. The shipment consisted of over 4,000 tons of torrefied wood pellets produced at New Biomass Energy’s plant in Quitman, Mississippi. New Biomass Energy’s plant utilizes versatile equipment capable of producing a variety of biomass pellets ranging from premium industrial wood pellets to high-energy torrefied pellets. This enables New Biomass Energy to offer a variety of pellet types to meet the diverse needs of potential buyers.

New Biomass Energy has been producing torrefied wood pellets using commercial scale reactors since the first quarter of 2012. The plant is currently being expanded to increase its annual capacity to between 150,000 and 250,000 tons, depending on the energy density of the pellets produced. In response to requests for significant deliveries from large power companies, New Biomass Energy is building additional plants to increase its production capacity.

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