World’s largest circulating fluidized bed boiler starts operation in Poland

The GDF-Suez power plant located in Polaniec, Poland, is now in commercial operation, delivering over 200 MWe of electricity to the country’s electricity grid solely from biomass. This plant integrates the largest and most advanced biomass CFB (circulating fluidized-bed) boiler in the world using Foster Wheeler’s Advanced Technology.

Thanks to the CFB  technology the plant is capable of fully firing a wide range of biomass fuels including those derived from agricultural crops. “The challenge has always been to design a boiler capable of reliably firing difficult-to-burn agro-biomass while at the same time increasing steam temperatures to achieve high power plant efficiency,” said Jaroslaw Mlonka, President and Chief Executive Officer of Foster Wheeler Energia Polska. IThis particular CFB incorporates many advanced design features that enable the Polaniec plant to achieve a net plant efficiency of over 36%, based on the fuels lower heating value, while firing solely biomass containing up to a 20% agro component.

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