Biomass & Bioenergy special issue about 20th EUBC&E

After a thorough peer-reviewing and editing work and thanks to the collaboration between the organizers of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition and Elsevier in 2012,  a special issue of the scientific journal Biomass & Bioenergy about the 20th EUBC&E  was published in May 2013.

This special issue captures the excellence of the EUBC&E series in a group of peer reviewed papers that describe the frontiers of the biomass sector. In addition to technology related research papers on biological and thermochemical conversion processes, other papers are included which deal with assessments of biomass resources and policies, indicating the International scope and the leadership provided by the EUBC&E series.

A special thanks goes to the editors Paul Mitchell, Wolter Prins, Walter Haslinger, Ralph Overend, Patricia Thornely and Manuel Garcia Perez, the Scientific Committee, the independent reviewers and the authors.

The journal (volume 53-2013) is available at

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