Clariant to chair the coalition “Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels”: “Commission must ensure a quick and ambitious implementation of the REDII”

19 June 2019. Today Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB) nominated Gloria Gaupmann, Head of Public Affairs, Technology & Innovation, Clariant, as Chairwoman at LSB’s Annual General Meeting in Brussels. Gloria takes over the Chair from Marko Janhunen, Director, Public Affairs at UPM, who served as chair since 2017.

LSB is working closely with the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and the Member States representatives to provide credible information on the potential of advanced biofuels in the European Union. LSB supports the dedicated and binding target for advanced biofuels in the revised Renewable Energy Directive REDII.

“The REDII sets the right direction by enabling advanced biofuels to contribute to the decarbonization of EU transport. The new Parliament and the incoming Commission need to defend and strengthen this course,” Gloria Gaupmann stated after her nomination.
“A quick and ambitious transposition of REDII in the member states is now key. The Commission must keep a close watch on the Member States to ensure a coherent and forceful implementation of the agreed targets. In addition, the Commission together with the EU legislators has to set the path towards 2050 where advanced biofuels should finally come from niche to norm”, Gloria Gaupmann continued.

Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels
LSB is a coalition of leading advanced biofuel technology developers and producers committed to making a significant contribution to meeting the EU ambitions of decarbonizing the transport sector. Sustainable advanced biofuels are a fast track solution for decarbonizing transport. Advanced biofuels bring multiple benefits in terms of CO2 reduction, investments, revenues for farmers and forestry, improved waste management practices, job creation and an increase in energy security.

Clariant is a focused and innovative specialty chemical company with 17,901 employees and a turnover of CHF 6.623 billion in 2018. “Focus on innovation and R&D” as well as “Adding value with Sustainability” are two pillars of the company’s corporate strategy, which are reflected in Clariant’s offering of integrated technologies and solutions for converting agricultural residues such as wheat straw, rice straw, corn stover and sugar cane bagasse. Its sunliquid® technology offers such a fully integrated process design, built on established process technology using enzymatic hydrolysis, to sustainably produce cellulosic sugars & ethanol from agricultural residues.

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LSB chair
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LSB secretariat
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