Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Building will open the 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

Martin Lidegaard, the Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Building will welcome the delegates of the 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition with a speech at the opening session on Monday 3 June.

On behalf of the Government of Denmark, I most warmly welcome the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition and its delegates to Copenhagen in June 2013. I am looking forward to open this world-class event and to share with you the presentations of the latest key innovations within sustainable bioenergy technologies and solutions.

Denmark has set the course towards becoming a truly green economy with an energy supply entirely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. In a future low carbon economy, bioenergy can play a significant role and contribute substantially to the global energy supply.

It is crucial that the bioeconomy is unfolded in a sustainable and ethically sound way avoiding a negative impact on other global challenges such as scarcity of food and climate change. I am confident that the conference will focus on the potential for balanced solutions to our common challenges.

Danish companies and universities cooperate closely to offer world-class biobased solutions globally. The delegates will meet many of them in Copenhagen in June. I hope every delegate will benefit from the opportunity to exchange knowledge and extend networks.

I wish all the delegates an unforgettable convention experience as well as an enjoyable stay in Denmark – welcome to Copenhagen“.

photo: © Carsten Snejbjerg


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