Developing the Austrian biobased industry

It is stated in the Austrian Federal Government’s Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation that research and technology development hold a crucial importance for the resolution ofmajorsocietal challenges. As a result, the safeguarding of production as well as the utilization of biogenic raw materials and energy sources are required. On a European level, the development of the biobased industry and the development  and application of biobased products are actively funded due to the fact that such sustainable industrial concepts will play a central role in the future.

Since 2000, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) has put in place important stimuli for the development of innovative and resource-efficient production processes based on renewable resources with the program “Factory of the Future”. From 2011, the subject area “Biobased Industry” has been developedas part of the BMVIT’s new RTI initiative “Production of the Future”and numerous innovative projects have been financed. In total, over 240 projects were funded with anoverall funding volume of 33 million Euros. This has already led to visible economic effects (fig.): today, areas of the biobased industry make important contributions to positive economic development in Austria. The field of forestry, wood and paper has for years obtained export surpluses and is therefore an asset to the Austrian foreign trade balance. Other areas, such as the starch industry, are also already well developed in Austria. Austria is also a technological leader in fields such as the pyrolysis of biomass.

For Austria, the significance of biobased industry will significantly increasein the future. With targeted further development and the corresponding expansion of the biobased industry, dependence on fossil raw materials and fuels will be reduced. At the same time, value remains within the European area.

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Text courtesy of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technologies.




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