Workshop on Transport Biofuels and REDII: which perspectives for 2020-2030?

Following the recent definition of the REDII by the Trialogue, the European Commission will still have to complete other legislative actions (EC Delegated Acts), while Member States will have to incorporate the REDII in their National Legislations, facing the existing gaps and enabling the Member State Obligations foreseen in REDII.

On the occasion of Ecomondo 2018Consorzio di Ricerca RE-CORD/ART Fuels ForumKyoto ClubCIBFREE and ETA Florence will be holding a workshop to discuss these matters, bringing to the attention of National Institutions the most relevant and still open issues and focusing on the Sustainable Aviation Fuel sector.

The event will be an opportunity to introduce the Bio4A project as well, whose aim is to demonstrate the first large industrial-scale production and use of sustainable aviation fuel in Europe (HEFA), generated from residual lipids. Launched in May 2018, the project will also implement actions for the market uptake of sustainable aviation fuel. It will also investigate the alternative supply of sustainable feedstocks derived from drought-resistant crops being cultivated in marginal lands of Southern Europe. After the validation of the whole value chain, the produced sustainable aviation fuel will be used by commercial airlines in regular passenger flights, thus contributing to achieve the EU’s goal for the decarbonization of the aviation sector.

Read the agenda of the event in English version.

Text originally publieshed on BIO4A website.

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