Green deal driving advanced biofuels from niche to norm


LSB – the advanced biofuels coalition welcomes the Communication on the EU green deal published by the new Commission today. Advanced biofuels are an important solution for reducing GHG emissions from transport.

LSB supports the goal of the Green Deal to shift to smart and safe climate-neutral mobility. This is in line with the vision that by 2050 all transport modes should use energy sources which will result in net zero emissions. Advanced biofuels contribute to a climate-neutral Europe based on sustainability and circularity.

„This decade is crucial for delivering on the 2050 climate objectives. Both the IEA and the IPCC have made clear that achieving the Paris climate goals requires the use of bioenergy. Therefore, a stable policy framework together with green financing as presented today in the Communication on the EU Green Deal is a promising way forward,“ says Gloria Gaupmann, Chair of LSB and Head of Public Affairs at Clariant (Group) Technology and Innovation.

LSB stands ready to work with the European Institutions to carve out the details for a stringent policy approach. Advanced biofuels will be needed on a large scale to reach even more ambitious targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction in 2030 as proposed by the Commission today. LSB welcomes increased ambition levels as proposed by the Green deal. At the same time we need to ensure continuity and long-term visibility for investors.

LSB – advanced biofuels coalition
LSB is a coalition of leading advanced biofuels producers and technology providers committed to making a strong contribution to meet the EU ambitions of reducing transport emissions. LSB is working closely with the EU institutions and the Member States promoting the development and use of advanced biofuels in the European Union.

Text by LSB – advanced biofuels coalition

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